Hey Zaid, great to meet you! How has 2018 been for you?

2018 has been an absolutely great year. Lots of production and growth sound wise.

What was good, what was bad?

It was good. I was able to return to the studio and pick up where I left off as far as finding my own playground in this music. Not conforming to anything already established but just finding my own interpretation of what is going on around me.

You are very prolific. Are you always in the studio making music or only when the mood takes you?

As an artist I can only be creative when the mood is right. I find I have the same issue DJing sometimes also. I can only make mixes when the feeling is right also.

Where do you start on a track, always in the same place or wherever you fancy?

Since I make music to spread across a wider range of listeners, I first determine who I am looking to reach. Once I determine my audience I then determine what I want to share with them. Sometimes it will depend on what I just released because I don’t like to release the same sounding music in a row. After that decision is made I can start anywhere on the track, but I prefer to get a groove going which could only be like 4 bars and start from there.

What gear do you use, do you have certain tools or toys that define your sound, or dont you care aboutthat?

I use Logic Pro X to produce music. However I do not restrict myself to any particular sounds or tools and I am constantly searching for new sounds. I do not want to fall into the trap that some producers fall into by being recognised for using the same sound banks. Even though some are very successful that way and I admire their work, that approach is not for me. I like pushing the envelope.

You have a very spiritual sound. Are you a spiritual person?

Yes and thank you. That really means a lot to me that you ask and say this. I believe in giving the universe what you want in return. I try to give in my music and mixes power, positive energy, elevation. Everyone has a different type of musical healing, I just share the spirit that heals and lifts me up through my sound. This is my gospel.

How much does New York city and its musical past inspire your sounds?

The energy of NYC is definitely an inspiration for me. Just the abundance of dream chasing and the fast pace is contagious if you tap into it.

Are you a product of the city?

I was born on Long Island but my family brought the energy to Long Island from Brooklyn and the Bronx. So yes I am a product of the city vibes.

The city has a rich socio-political history, it was where marginalised people could go and dance and be free in the past. Can they still today?

The freedom to go and dance is there but the economics surrounding the scene is definitely having an affect on the circuits that have not expanded into the yuppie market. NYC caters to young urban professionals so therefore you have to include that part of the demographic into your game plan. On smaller circuits though and free parties that spirit still exists.

Should dance music be political or is it a place to escape all that?

I feel a combination of both. In the history of dance music it has always been a combination of both from the Temptations “Papa was a rolling stone” to Roland Clark’s “Resist”. I keep the tradition alive with joints like “Who killed lil boy”.

What hopes and goals have you got for 2019?

In 2019 I will be in Ibiza for the first time. I was supposed to be there two years ago but lost my passport in Miami. I also have invitations for Argentina, UK and Greece. We want to make Soulful Horizons Music a household name.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Our next project will be an EP of which is not currently named that we will have a major campaign behind around the end of December 2018 or early Jan 2019. ON top of that I have numerous remixes to complete for artists in South Africa and also in Italy. Our FM radio show can be heard weekly on WHCR 90.3FM NYC. Plus plans for the return of a “Soulful Horizons” party are currently in the works along with many guests appearances that have already begun. Stay Tuned & Thank you.

Zaid’s ‘Pieces of Time’ is out on 26th November on Soulful Horizons

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