Virtual DJ is a game change software that allows you to mix tunes, remix tunes, edit, lop and plenty more, all with the digital music stored on your computer. 

It started over 20 years and now has been downloaded by more than 121,000,000 people.

During lockdown, it rebased its latest version with a wealth of new tunes. 

Here are the best of them. 


There is a standard look when you first download Virtual DJ but deepening on how many features you want to show, you can chose many different layout options via a dropdown menu. Spacious or packed out, the choice is yours. 

Wireless Remote

With this feature, you can trigger pads via a wireless remote control app with android or iOS, which can also be used as a full-scale controller.

Stem Isolation

This big new feature allows you to move and manipulate parts of the tune you’re playing – the vocal, breakdown, instrumental, whatever. All with a click of a button, you can create remixes on the fly.  Smart huh. 

Take Requests 

Virtual DJ offers a feature called Ask the DJ, a free web-based application that any audience members can use on their phones. Once people log in and locate you via relocation detection then can pipe their musical requests right to you. 

Recommendations, Live

In case you ever drop a big tune then are stuck for what o follow it up to keep the vibe alive, this feature is for you, It analyses what you just played then makes a suggestion based on what other DJs have played after that track.

“Virtual DJ is an industry standard. It’s got plenty of features that allow you to really add your own spin to your mix and is very intuitive to use. What’s more, it is constantly updated so there really is no reason to look anywhere else for any digital DJ Needs. “

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