How are you? Where are you?

I’m fine, thanks. I’m sitting in my living room doing some label work in my home office in México City before hitting the studio.

Tell us about the Mexican Electronic scene – what’s hot right now, which party and labels?

The scene is in good shape right now. There are good parties almost all around the country. Music-wise there is so much good stuff coming out from Mexico, amazing stuff on different genres.

What DJs and parties first inspired you when first starting out and why?

I started raving around 1994; by 1997 I started DJing. Sasha & John Digweed have always been a reference for me, their technique and music selection has always been the best. I was also inspired by progressive and psy-trance later on. DJs like James Monro or projects like Son Kite or Ticon were a strong influence back then.

Does being from Mexico mean your sound has a certain flavour and ID that is different to house and tech from elsewhere?

I guess being Mexican equals having a life full of flavours. We live in such a diverse country and we are surrounded by culture and history. I think this might have a positive influence in our music, which I hope it can be heard in a globalized world.

Tell us about your new single Electric Dance – what influenced it?

I like doing tracks with vocals, I have done it for years. I wanted to do a strong, catchy and powerful dance-floor oriented track, and this was the result.

Are you formally trained on any instruments or do you make music in the box?

I studied when I was 12, I did it for several years and played in some rock bands before meeting electronic music.

What is the aim and mission of Sounds of Earth?

Release good quality dance-floor oriented music.

What else have you got coming up?

The music video of Electric Dance was a strong challenge. It was the first one in my career and the first one of the label.

We have some really good releases on the way. A cool compilation with 30 tracks that is coming out in December and we are coming back with Radiance Day Party by February 2020.

What is your favourite thing to do outside music?

It’s simple… Travel, food, wine or beer, party, sex and laugh 🙂


“Electric Dance” will be out on Sounds of Earth in November


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