Techno Brooklyn Records is known for its rave edged techno sounds and now the label serves up a second collection of such cuts. It’s one that draws attention to its fine roster of talent with a broad array of names all coming correct. 
PRØVOST is the artist charged with open things up and he offers the pulsing mechanical techno of  Mind’s Eye. ErR0R’s Peaking is a more acid laced and raved cut with serrated synths and chunky kicks. JUJU MAN by Theo Nasa is a thrilling cut with rhythmic invention making it sound like nothing else out there. 
The mid-section is a high intensity ride starting with the slamming kicks of Torch by Yigitoglu with its dark vocals. Stray Dog is a nice hard hitting banger with flat drums and industrial textures then Black Holes sinks you into the cosmic abyss of techno shadowiness. KB95 – Stabs is the last hurrah, a nice smooth tech roller with a sooty heart and dub in the drums. 
This is another tasteful collection of no frills, high functioning techno. 

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