Andhera Records keep us all dancing with a superb first volume of their Winter Sampler series that takes in no fewer than 16 standout tracks. Acid Kids, Matt Egbert, Shuski, Ken Kelly,  STES, Attek and many more all offer up the goods to make this a fine showcase of the label’s talents. 
Don’t You from Nas Elmes opens up with a nice bumping groove then there is deep, tightly woven rhythm from Acid Kids and then Squalor and Attek then ups the pace with Wheres My Chord. It’s a deep, heady tune with slick sound design. Sly Turner offers more textured synths and prickly drums and The Source from Drew Dapps is a real up and down gem with kicks to die for. 
The second half of this compilation plays out with more heady house grooves that manage to be stylish and thoughtful as well as danceable. Matt Egbert perfectly personifies that with his hard hitting kicks and nice airy pads and Thank You Jack from High Soundsystem & AQUATI is a real old school house throwback with a lush organ bassline. 
All in all this makes for a fine listen from front to back as well as showing just why this label is so well revered. For sharp, inventive house sounds, there can be no finer collection. 

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