UMEK’s 1605 latest release is a rather special release featuring a three-way collaboration between POPOF, Space 92 and UMEK.

Each member of the trio would get a lot of attention for a solo release or collaborating with just one other person from this release, but the fact it’s a triple threat really does make this one hard to ignore.

It’s hard to hear exactly what each individual artist brought to the table in terms of the finished track, as they all share a similar style of techno, so any element could have come from any member of the group.

Everything from the kick drum and bassline upwards is expertly produced, and the track has the perfect balance between all of its parts.

Titled “Control”, the track includes a vocal sample that adds notoriety to the track. Even without the distinctive sample, it would still stand out in a DJ set, as its building energy hits a crescendo in the main breakdown.

The bassline and kick drum lay a solid foundation for the groove to unleash its full fury and hit like a heavyweight boxer.

It seems highly likely that this track will appear in charts and DJ sets from many of techno’s most influential club spinners. We are told that Monika Kruse, Joris Voorn, Eli Brown, Spektre and Wehbba are amongst those already supporting the tracks.

You can buy a copy HERE