Desiderati 4 is the latest offering from UMEK’s 1605 and it’s a four-track mixed artist EP featuring a cut from the boss man himself.

UMEK’s track ‘Universe’ is a collaboration with up-and-coming talent Elakto. UMEK of course needs little introduction at this point within the global techno community, as for nearly three decades he has been one of the genre’s most prolific artists. Elakto is at the other end of the scale as a fresh talent who is already making a splash with this high-profile collaboration.

Next on the release is a 1605 debut from NoNameLeft who are a duo of producers from Budapest, Hungary. The Hungarian pair contribute the track ‘Price To Pay’ that’s a dark and stripped-back slice of techno with captivating vocal samples, driving percussion and sinister lead synth. They have also worked with other labels including Cosmic Boys’ Legend and Mark Reeve’s SubVision.

Beico’s ‘Irradiant’ is the EP’s third track, and it’s got a haunting atmosphere with tantalising suspense and a menacing bassline. He has featured on numerous 1605 releases along with other labels ranging from Monika Kruse’s Terminal M to Spektre’s Respekt.

AKKI (DE) has been a collaborator with the Cosmic Boys who are 1605 artists, so it seems logical that AKKI (DE) has also come to the attention of UMEK. AKKI (DE)’s track ‘Move My Body’ has multiple strong elements including the compelling namesake vocal sample, flittering lead synth and throbbing bassline.

All of the peak time tracks are everything we have come to expect from UMEK and his 1605 record label, and you can pick up a copy HERE.