UMEK needs little introduction as one of techno’s most prolific artists, and in 2023 he is already dropping his third release of the year. Out via his own 1605 records, ‘Exodus’ is an EP featuring two of UMEK’s original productions.

As someone who has helped define the modern techno sound, UMEK has a career spanning three decades, and during that time he has released tracks that have inspired future generations. “Gatex” will forever be one of techno’s biggest crossover tracks, and he has dropped many other anthems such as “Lanicor” and “Vibrancy”.

Both of the tracks on this release are what fans of UMEK have come to expect in recent years, and it opens with the title track, “Exodus”.

Exodus has a monstrous kick drum that drives the track from the low-end along with a speaker-tearing bassline that adds to its mammoth sound. The focal point is a captivating vocal about humans fighting robots, and that concept is built upon with the help of an eerie breakdown that has undertones of euphoria.

Night Will Never End” is the second track, and it blends old-school synth chords and driving techno percussion with tense pads and a powerful breakdown that’s built around a captivating vocal sample. The spoken word vocal talks of how dancing liberates people and it’s augmented with soulful tones that add to its poignant vibe.

You can buy a copy of the release here.