In this world of digital music and streaming, it has never been more important to be abreast of the data generated by your music. Enter the perfect one-stop solution, Sonsgtats, a cross-platform music analytics service for artists, labels, and industry professionals from the team behind 1001Tracklists.

This new service – currently free to sign up to for a trial period – offers things such as dashboards for an overview of the most important all-time and recent achievements, plus further graphs and labels for deeper analysis. Data is displayed chronologically and subscribers receive push notifications when their tracks are added to major playlists, reach new milestones, and chart in different territories and genres and much more. Find out all the information you need at the read the top 7 reasons to download Songstats and why.

Mobile music analytics

Songstats is a first of its kind music data monitoring service that provides cross-platform analytics in a mobile app experience. The Songstats app sends push notifications when tracks are added to major playlists, reaching new milestones, and charting in different territories and genres.

Real-time activity feed

The Songstats activity feed showcases updates across an artist’s or label’s entire catalog. Whether it’s a track that you’ve just released or an older track that’s surging back to life, never miss a beat and catch all of your highlights in an easy to use and simplified feed.

Comprehensive insights

Songstats is monitoring more than 30 million playlists and charts across Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Beatport, iTunes, Traxsource, SoundCloud & 1001Tracklists.

Artist & label dashboards

Dedicated artist and label analytics pages provide an overview of the most important all-time and recent achievements for every track in their catalog. Think of these as a resume that summarizes your most important accomplishments.

Detailed track analytics

Each track has its own analytics page featuring cross-platform performances metrics. Interactive tables empower users to dive deeper into the moments that matter most, while graphs allow for easy visualization of the growth of each release.

Share accomplishments

The Songstats app has built-in sharing features to generate a slick looking custom artwork for any milestone and open it directly in Instagram Stories, or share it to any other social media platform. Proactively sharing new accomplishments allows artists to create momentum, celebrate with their fans, and recognize supporters.

Track regional growth

Songstats has vast amounts of regional data, which can be used to uncover hotspots where you’re trending. This data can be a huge boost to securing event bookings if you have a proven market in the region.