Till Krüger is back with a second stunning album two children and two years after his debut. This one features ten moving cuts on his Quite Needless label. 

Krüger was inspired by time away from the club to write this new album. It is a one that goes beyond the dance floor and shows off his fine synth craft and rich musical ideas. Each piece is like an unfolding movie sequence full of cinematic designs. 

The title track kicks off with dusty breaks overlaid with tender pianos to make for a real heart wrencher. Deux is a piano piece with real hope in the keys and Tveir explores lush ambient with deft designs, scattered hits and hopeful chords. Dos shows off more emotive piano playing from Till with Ni being a more expansive electronic piece with rubbery drums and smooth chords next to twinkling keys. Due is sombre and introverted, and elsewhere the likes of Zwei gets playful and Ori closes on a note of hopefulness. 

This is another adventurous record from Till Krüger that leaves a lasting impression. 

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