Where do we start with a record quite like Tia-Mellow’s fantastic 2016? The kind of record that would leave the likes of Four Tet in a tizzy, it showcases a deep myriad of influences with some esteem. From its African samples to its woodpecker percussion to its all-round jungle flair, it’s a record that’s never lacking in animation. Featuring colourful accompanying artwork that wonderfully shines, it then takes on a monstrous and deep baseline that rises and rises. A really quite brilliant and unconventional take on live electronica, it’s a pity that the artist has decided to release this one anonymously. Because frankly, this is a fascinating wormhole of a track for which they most definitely deserve plentiful plaudits.

This is masterful deep house of the sort that we just don’t hear enough of. Hats off to Tia-Mellow for this fantastically engaging record. Frankly speaking, we need more artists making curious and unpredictable music like this. 
Tia-Mellow’s 2016 is out now. Keep up with Tia-Mellow on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.