The EP was released by Urban Soul

by Mia Lunis

Making way for a new creative horizon, Brazilian Envoy has just started his career as a producer with the Move It EP released by Urban Soul. The artist, who has been catching attention with each performance in his enigmatic mask, now walks through a different world of dance floors where he has been able to translate his vision of music in a more comprehensive way to create this EP. 

As a catchy dance track, “Move It” couldn’t have a better title, it’s music that takes you straight to the dancefloor and you can’t stand still while listening to it. The artist works very well with the styles used in the work, a base of Minimal, with the speed of Techno and loose vocals that hold the attention and raise the expectation at each turn in the track typical of Tech House. The work does not show the man behind the mask but certainly gives us his best message in music.  

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