Hailing from Israel, Stereo Underground brings plenty of melody, mood, atmosphere and space to his music. Now he proves that in fine form with a new 11 track album on Balance Music entitled The Art of Silence that really takes you on a trip.


From the off it is a dramatic affair with a scene setting ambient opener that gets your attention. The title track is a deft and delicate groove with harmonic keys rolling over supple drums and Little red head feat. Sealine has pained vocals that layered up the emotion.


Echoes is more airy and light, with celestial chords and wavy drums and then things build through the likes of the percolating Wanderlust and end on the spine tingling chills of For A Moment of Truth.


This is a storytelling album that unfolds with a real narrative and makes a lasting impression on all who will hear it. It is the sort of album you can get lost in on a train, or outside on a warm day, or even in the dead of night in a cosy club where you get in a trance. Great stuff.


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