Spektre are back on their label Respekt Recordings with a new track titled “Endless Days”.

Breaking away from their usual four-to-the-floor style of blasting techno, the guys still stay true to the core of their sound, but experiment with a breakbeat groove.

More are familiar with Spektre’s releases on labels like Kraftek, Noir Music and Filth on Acid, and this release still has their trademark pounding kick drum and menacing vibe.

Endless Days comes in two different versions both made by Spektre. The first is a Club Mix which is the more aggressive of the two versions. It’s predominantly built around a four-to-the-floor kick drum rhythm in the main sections of the track, but utilises a breakbeat to switch up the vibe in some sections.

Both versions focus on a poignant piano melody that tips its hat to old school rave with its poignant melody that pays homage to those times. There is also an uplifting vocal sample that states “I’ll raise you up” and that’s one of the tracks most defining features.

Second on the release is a Breaks Mix, which leans heavily into the nostalgic vibe of the piano and classic breakbeat. Adding an acid synth line that sounds like it came directly from an old Orbital track, the breakbeat becomes the main foundation for this version that still packs a punch.

You can purchase a copy now from Beatport.