The Gardens of Babylon Records serves up its first release of the new year here with São Paulo’s Spaniol serving up superb new cuts that muse on the universal themes of familiar emotions and fresh perspectives. 
These are perfectly inventive and musical tunes from the off with harmonies and vocals, bell sounds and soft grooves all working you into a nice state of chill on the opener. Lundu De Santa Maria Da Tempestade pairs dark string sounds with clacking hits and Algernoia Brasiliensis is playful and steamy with great vocal sounds and chunky tribal beats. 
Papaya Azul then gets you moving with nice warmer rich drum kicks and a lush harmony up top next to excellent jazzy drums and elsewhere Nina brings some lush cosmic vibes with its far sighted bass and nice rolling beats. São Pedro closes down with nice jungle vibe, loose shakers and wooden drums that make you move your every limb. Music with this much thought, emotion and narrative doesn’t often come along so lap these up now. 

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