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PREMIERE : Soukie & Windish – Marketa Lazarova (Original Mix) [Ekord]
Buy: www.beatport.com/release/marketa-lazarova/2471594

Release Date : 2019-01-30

Soukie & Windish – Marketa Lazarova was inspired by the Czech movie from the late 60’s that bears the same name and tells the story of the daughter of a feudal lord who is kidnapped by neighbouring robber knights and becomes a mistress of one of them. While the movie takes place in an indeterminate time during the Middle Ages, the EP delivers modern sounds filled with atmospheric melodies and groove basslines. These elements combined brings a nostalgic feeling that gets even more insteresting when mixed with the echoed voice samples taken from the original film. A masterpiece by the Berlin duo in their debut at EKORD!

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