UMEK’s record label 1605 starts 2023 with a new EP by Sam WOLFE, one of the most exciting prospects in the world’s peak-time techno scene.

This is Sam WOLFE’s fifth time working with 1605 and it’s a solo release featuring two of his original productions. Both of the tracks pack one hell of a punch and they are true to the style that people expect from UMEK’s record label.

Dark and intense, either of the cuts on this EP would be well-suited to one of UMEK’s DJ sets and we are informed that other people supporting this release include influential artists ranging from Paco Osuna to Oscar L.

Sam WOLFE is one of the artists who seem likely to be making waves in 2023 and this release is a testament to his production skills.

Out of Phase” is the first of the two tracks on the release and it includes intense vocals by Anadi. Driven by a heavy kick drum and grinding synth lines, it has a sinister atmosphere and a suspense-building breakdown that creates an adrenaline-fuelled atmosphere of excitement.

Gone” is the other track on the release and it features a spoken word vocal by Gāuri that talks about relaxing your body to surrender to the music. It’s hard not to let the music take control as it’s a titanic techno track that has a fierce energy.

You can buy the release HERE.