After his stellar recent LP, RADIANT label boss Sabb revises it be enlisted by some key tune makers to add their own spin with five fresh remixes. Super Flu, Roy Rosenfeld, Re.You, and Armonica are those who step up and do so with real skill. 

Super Flu is first and flips Jeopardized into a dark, rumbling tune with great vocal placement that really makes it pop. He also serves up an instrumental of the same track that is more drum lead and deep for those sweatier moments in the night. Roy Rosenfeld then remixes Full Moon Tale and over the course of eight minutes he really casts a spell with his dreamy synths, skeletal beats and sci-fi melodies. After that, beauty also defines the Re.You remix of Leanas Play. It has the sound of children, sweeping chords and gentle drums all sinking you deep into a groove that is warm, atmospheric, and sure to make a mark on the more tasteful dance floors out there. Last of all, Armonica sooth your soul with mellifluous pads and rich melodies that brim with heart and colour and make for one of the most tender tech grooves you’ll hear all year. As such, this is a fine EP.

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