Vivent boss and groove maestro Royal Brandy selects his top 10 classic house tracks to get you movin’ n shakin’

1 – Lil Louis – French Kiss

I remember clubbing to this song when it came out; it BLEW my mind. Years later, I’m STILL clubbing and still in love with this tune, the bass line and the rhythm interacting with the clap gets you dancing straight away. 

2 – Kings of Tomorrow – Finally
What a classic, Julie’s vocals takes you completely to another dimension of love and happiness, it still sends shivers down my spine.

3 – A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
This was the tune that got me into the Roland 303. It was mind blowing to hear the modulation between the cut off and the resonance working together, such a perfect combination for a hypnotic track.

4 – Inner City – Good life
Timeless tune that never gets old. The rhythm and the lyrics are what makes a dancefloor classic, plus the snare blasting in your face.

5 – Superman Lovers – Starlight 
Such an excellent production! The vocals are super catchy and can perceived even the most stubborn person into becoming a MJ for a minute…

6 – Everything but the girl – Missing
This track always brings me the good old memories… That emotional state of mind by Tracey’s vocals that can all of a sudden make you thinking about the past and all its good memories, and somehow makes me want to live even more and create new memories. 

7 – Soul Central – Strings of Life
The funky Chords the strings worked so well on this track, this is the type of track that doesn’t even need a kick drum to make you dance…such a classic

8 – Frankie Knuckles – Your love
What got me into this track was the arpeggio and the sexy vocals, they blend so well. A perfect track to finish, even to this day. 

9 – Donna Summer- I Feel Love
This tune reminds me of my parents as they were the ones that used to listen to it and dance, over and over. This was my introduction to electronic music.
The funny thing is, once in a while I play it at home and the kids start nodding their heads, exactly like my mom used to tell me I used to do it when the song got played at home. 

10 – Marshall Jefferson – Move your body
Probably one of the most influential underground tracks and it’s funny that a lot of people don’t even realize it. Everytime I chat with other DJ’s and we talk about influences, this track always pops in the conversation.
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