Global Underground have long dealt in classy, warm and deep house sounds. Now they welcome another artist who is adept at them in the form of Spanish born but Malaysia based artist Road to Mana. He’s coming off the back of some top EPs and comes correct once more here. 

Walking Walls opens things up with superbly emotive synth patterns, looping and drifting over a rooted deep house groove. It sucks you right in and then Aoraki Soul is next and is another smooth and seductive track but with a little more energy and drive. The synths again exude class and make it a real spine tingler. Rafael Cerato then steps up to remix, and does so with more driving drums and a heavier sense of groove and more doom laden chords that make it a real dead of night classic. The White Shadow remix is subtle and supple, with carefully layered in synths and rasping bass driving the whole thing along. It’s a top way to end a top EP. 

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