1605 is one of the world’s top-selling techno labels, and its new release is a two-track EP from label owner UMEK.

UMEK has used the label as a platform for his own music, which has been a large contributing factor to its success, but it’s also championed other artists ranging from the well-established Cosmic Boys to up-and-comers such as Mha Iri.

Along with numerous releases on 1605, UMEK has also released his tracks on other leading techno record labels such as Filth On Acid, Tronic and Suara.

For this latest offering, UMEK is also presenting “Binary Pair”, which is an alias he uses to produce electro tracks. This is the second time he has presented Zeta Reticula on 1605 as his last release on the label also featured a track from that same moniker, which suggests it must have been a hit with fans.

Frequency Differ” is the EP’s title track, and that opens the release in the style that UMEK has made his trademark in recent years. Taking the devastating force on a monstrous kick drum and fusing it with some chunky percussion and vigorous hi-hats, he lays a foundation for the synths. The lead synth plays a stabbing melody pattern as it leads towards the trancey breakdown. Hitting a crescendo with a moment of hands in the air euphoria, it’s plunged back into darkness when the kickdrum comes crashing back in.

“Binary Pair” is the B-side track made under the name UMEK vs Zeta Reticula, and it’s got a very different sound with broken beat percussion rhythms and a grittier sound aesthetic. With thudding bass squelches and eerie tension, it’s a stark contrast to the A-side. Definitely one for the heads, this electro track would be better placed at places such as Tresor, whereas the original more the main stage at somewhere like Tomorrowland.

Both tracks are great cuts within their respective genres, and you can pick up a copy from HERE