The Subs have long reigned supreme when it comes to electrifying live house and techno acts. Although not quite as heralded as fellow countrymen Soulwax/2manydjs, they certainly pack as big a punch, with their latest EP – the emphatic I Want To Dance Again – serving up a thrilling iSight into what makes them so special. A record that could practically only originate from Belgium, it harks back not only to pre-covid times, but also to the golden era of R&S. Featuring an original mix, a radio edit and an instrumental, all three are worthy of your attention, but it’s the melancholic strands of the vocal laden original mix which really do it for me. A ravey anthem that forces parallels with the likes of Age of Love and Kinetic, I Want to Dance Again is – as its title suggests – a homage to the collective unison of the Dancefloor. An unbridled piece of electronic joy, perhaps the only tragedy here is that it’s unlikely to tear up dance floors this side of the new year. Regardless, not only does this one make us look back, it also looks forward with serious positivity. Remember.. the dance floor will return, and when it does it’s going to be pretty damn special. 

The Subs’ I Want to Dance Again is out 30th October via The Subs. Keep up with The Subs on Facebook and Instagram.