Steven De Koda debuts on Opaque with new techno single “Do You Know”

Opaque is a brand-new American label from Dominus who are based in the melting pot of music that is Chicago, Illinois. Usually famed for its legendary house output, it seems there’s a new wave of techno emerging the revered and respected city.

The latest release is a solo track from young UK talent Steven De Koda. Titled “Do You Know”, it’s a dance floor focused journey with a somewhat spacey and hypnotic aesthetic that is led by a thumping rhythm and completed by the freaky namesake vocal sample. A couple of sparse breakdowns allow the beat to reset and recharge with vigour, while the multiple layers create an effortlessly engaging and varied soundscape.

Following on from releases for labels like Lazuli Black with his Through Time EP and its peak time, triple twisted offering, Steven has also featured a track on 11 Years Renesanz for Balthazar & JackRock’s impressive Bulgarian label.

While also releasing independent EPs such as Drift with the exotic melodic touches of “Astrum” we think Steven’s productions are made with real quality and expect him to land on many more top labels in the very near future.

You can pick up a copy from HERE