RawW is an artist who recently came to our attention with a second release on a record label called District 47.

Both the record label and RawW are new projects, and their new release features a solo track titled ‘If You Want‘. The track is an inspired blend of melodic synths and a dark vocal that sound like they could have been inspired by Depeche Mode.

The underlying groove is techy and intense with a prominent bassline and dramatic stabs adding to the drama of the track. Brooding and moody, the male vocal adds to the track’s dark atmosphere, and gives it a distinctive personality.

It’s crisp percussion and fizzing hi-hats give it a chic sound design that builds momentum even throughout the breakdown.

Well produced and showing the kind of quality often not heard in a new artist, we are certainly curious to hear more from RawW.

You can buy a copy of the release from HERE