Canadian record label, Deep Therapy has put out a new release with remixes from Spanish techno duo The YellowHeads and rising star Sam WOLFE, alongside originals by Karim Alkhayat.

The YellowHeads are known globally for their yellow face masks and high-paced tracks that have featured on many leading techno labels including their own Reload, and others ranging from UMEK’s 1605 to Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek.

Sam WOLFE has previously collaborated with The YellowHeads for the release that came out on Oliver Huntemann’s Senso Sounds. Rebel Boy also collaborated on that same Senso Sounds release to make it a three-way project, but he and Sam have also worked together on tandem projects.

Rebel Boy and Sam WOLFE’s last collaboration came via 1605, and their track titled “Psalm 39” spent many weeks inside of Beatport’s Top 10 Techno sellers, but for this remix, Sam WOLFE is flying solo to fully show off his skills.

Karim Alkhayat’s originals are what lays the foundation for the remixes, and both of his tracks are exceptional cuts that have raw aggression and ooze charisma. For those not already familiar with him, Karim Alkhayat is a Syrian producer who has previously featured on labels ranging from Ramon Tapia’s Say What? to Spartaque’s Codex.

Each of the four tracks on this release is a truly outstanding piece of full-throttle techno music with captivating synth lines, which hold the kind of suspense that makes people scared to leave the dance floor so they don’t miss something magical.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but the remixes have that little bit extra, and the Sam WOLFE remix, in particular, has some defining elements that really help it stand out from the crowd.

We are told many of techno’s biggest DJs are already supporting the release, and you can pick up a copy from HERE.