Your Affection” is the new techno release by American artist Julien Earle who is well-known for his high energy tracks on labels including 1605, Respekt and Kraftek.

Not only is he a talented techno producer, he also makes tech house tracks under the alias of r3flection.

Julien Earle’s new release is on his own label Reflection, and it’s a solo track built around one hell of a kick drum that delivers a four-to-the-floor groove.

Opening with the filtered down kick drum, it slowly ramps up the tension with the pulsating energy of the arpeggiated lead synth and fizzing high-end percussion.

It reaches a crescendo in the main breakdown where an emotive main vocal is joined by distorted tones that together create a heightened blend of twisted euphoria.

The energy never dissipates as the tension gets ramped up and the drums burst back in to carry the track to its high-velocity ending.

The vocal makes this track very distinctive, and it will no doubt split opinions, as for every person who loves it, there will be someone else who isn’t so sure.

On a whole, it’s a great track and another fantastic offering from Julien Earle who continues to impress.

You can buy a copy here.