Now on its third release, the imprints latest offering features original music by Dole & Kom who are well-known for their deep and melodic tracks and remixes on labels such as Bar 25 Music, 3000 Grad Records, Akbal Music and Stil Vor Talent.

Flow Music is an Australian music publication that recently launched a namesake record label, which has already featured remix contributions from the likes of GMJ & Matter, Madmotormiquel and Dave Seaman.
The three original tracks on the EP titled “Ties” are complimented by a remix from Australian artist Uone who’s featured his immersive style ranges from organic house to downtempo. Having previously worked with labels such as Katermukke, Balance Music, Sol Selectas and Beat & Path, this remix is an epic rework with a mesmerising breakdown.
“Aming” opens the release with its Tale Of Us style groove that blends stripped back percussion with throbbing sub bass and leaves lots of room for the cosmic synth lines to flow through the middle while vocal phrases add organic texture.
Track two “Ophus” is on a similar vibe, but it’s a little darker without the organic textures, instead it focuses on building dramatic suspense as it unfolds with interstellar pads and driving percussion.
“Ties” is last of the three original tracks, and it’s the deepest one with a more laid-back vibe with softer textures and sparse percussion built around a solid kick drum. It’s defining feature is the operatic vocal that adds to its tantalising atmosphere.
Closing out the release is the Uone remix of “Ties” which transforms the original with the help of a psychedelic vocal sample that he combines with a trippy piano loop to transform the track. Dropping the tempo, but also adding some extra percussion, this mystic version perfectly complements the rest of the EP.
You can buy a copy of the release HERE: