Memories is the new album from Erik Hasan and it is “based on moments of peace and introspection.” The record really gets you in a nice headspace across the 11 essential tracks on the Undermind Records label. 

The sublime album kick off superbly slowly and seductively with Sunwarp, which comes alive on big bright chords and churning melodies. Brief Moment Of Peace is even slowly, sinking you in deep and shining bright lights up to the heavens. The likes of Side By Side are then thoughtful, tunes with a rueful mood and reflective vibe while Dark Blue is more driven, with a tested synth line and bright, pixelated chords. 

Dreamer is just that as it has you gazing off to the stars and Memory of a Memory is then doused in lush pads work and spacious grooves. Breathe is another of the many standouts with its heavy downtempo groove and The Shore closes out with an uplifting drum line and airy chords that get you reaching for the heavens.

Erik Hasan has really cooked up a superb collection of sounds here that play out as a perfect and complete listening experience. 

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