Dysmorphia is the new album from Seattle based artist Emuh on fellow Seattle based talent Longstocking’s ever more essential new label Feral One Record. The seven tracks all manage to make for a roller coaster of emotions.

The open Design A Water Droplet (H20) is a perfectly catchy summery festival tune with bold bass notes and warped synths. It is brilliantly futuristic with its hook vocals and Kumquat then has melodic rain falling down its face over bold bass notes and watery pads. There is more club ready drive to I Just Sold My feat. ZOF (Original Mix) with its bleeping pulses and twanging synths while How Does Anybody is a summery, upbeat pop ditty with blasts of bass and upbeat chords.

Dog Don’t Mind has a more driving and club ready feel but with young in cheek vocals that bring a real sense of fun to the catchy playful groove. I Just Sold My feat. ZOF (4AM Mix) is another floor facing cut with darker house bass and kicking drum patterns. The album closes with deadpan spoken words that bring a heavy feeling to the glossy beats and pixelated chords.

This is a short but super sweet new album from Emuh.

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