Derun are a Turkish duo of Istanbul, and their music is well-known within the realms of afro and organic house.

Closing out 2021, Derun drop their latest release on Sabo’s record label Sol Selectas, which over the years has been a regular outlet for their music.

Sol Selectas is an imprint well-known for releasing a variety of styles that centre around what most people now call organic house, ranging from trippy electronica to melodic deep house.

Taking influence from their Turkish roots, Derun are best known for their unique blend of middle eastern melodies and use of traditional instruments. Their style is very percussion heavy and samples live recordings alongside sequenced beats and synthesisers.

This latest offering from Derun is titled the La Sombra del Viento EP and it features three of their original tracks.

The title track “La Sombra del Viento” opens the release with its moody pads and enchanted melodies that nestle underneath fluttering guitar chords and warbling vocals.

Ven Hermosa” is the EP’s second track, and its suspenseful strings make way for a mystic flute and hypnotising vocal that’s driven forward by shuffling percussion.

Last of the tracks is “Descalzo”, which is a fusion of samba trumpets and jovial guitar chords that have a strong flamenco influence within their free-flowing rhythms and emotion vocal.

You can pick a copy from HERE