Aytiwan’s new single on Deep In Your Soul features the talents of vocalist Nes Mburu as well as a wealth of great remixes that make it an essential package.

The original  version of Ilanga opens up with deep, rolling drums and the sort of yearning vocals that really cast a spell. The percussion is naturalistic and lush and the whole thing casts a fine spell. Ilanga (Enoo Napa Remix) then gets even more deep with Afro house vibes and late night atmosphere locking you in. Ilanga (Enoo Napa Alternative Mix) is a rugged cut with more spiritual synth designs and sprinklings of percussion then last of all Ilanga (Klaudius Remix) takes you on a journey of inward reflection. It’s a track with emotive chord work and plenty of soulful colours.

This is a superb new EP from all. 

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