The Sportclub label hits release 33 with three top tracks from Asem Shama & Rosa Luxemburg. The former is a 25 year veteran with big tunes and a life of DJing behind him, while the latter is a vocalist who her adds her very real talents to this one.

It’s Lust that opens things up and does so in libidinous style. The knotted bass is dark, the drums stark, and the vocals sexual. It’s a great way to bring some lust to the clubs as we head into 2019. Us then brakes up the beats with skipping kicks, brain-melting bass and vocal loops that burrow deep. Last, of all, Zoo is more playful and upright, with warm, soulful chords and a sense of reflective emotion that offers a different vibe to the rest of the EP, thereby closing it in real style.

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