Reset Robot drops his new album ‘Only Light Escapes Part 2’ and it’s a 13-track release that may surprise some.

Many know Reset Robot for his collaborations with the likes of Adam Beyer and Alan Fitzpatrick, as often he has a techno orientated sound that’s tailored to a party atmosphere.

Only Light Escapes Part 2 shows off a deeper more introverted style that many might not have expected from the UK producer, but it’s an impressive body of work that really showcases his diversity.

Instead of a style that wouldn’t sound out of place on label’s like Drumcode, this album has more in common with the works of other artists such as Burial or Bicep.

The album itself is a cinematic blend of emotive melodies and melodic chord progressions. Its use of ambient textures and tempos is also implemented as a way to change the mood.

First Virtue” opens the release with a live percussion loop that’s washed in reverb and layered with textured vocals and after the scene is set, the album starts to move with an ebb and flow of energy.

Stand out cuts include the more dance floor focused tracks such as “Single Coil”, “Waves” and “Chords N Ting” as those all represent the peak as the album flows in waves of energy. Some of the deeper journeys include ambient tracks like “Crows” and “Salts”, while others fill in the gaps as it transitions between the up and down points.

It’s a very skilfully put together and well-programmed album with an attention to detail that really shines through every track and transition.

You can buy the release here.