Prismatica is a Mexican artist who returns to Baikal Nomads with a new three-track EP.

Baikal Nomads was the first label to feature music from Prismatica which is a downtempo/organic house alias by Mexican artist Demian Lara.

It’s an important return at Baikal Nomads which is a label that has a long-standing legacy within the downtempo/organic house genre and its catalogue of artists includes hotly tipped producers such as Guy Maayan, Jean Vayat, Zuma Dionys, Thommie G and Mula (FR).

The record label has been running since 2019 and since its inception has become a respected source of genre-defining music that pushed the boundaries of downtempo/organic house.

This latest EP by Prismatica follows up his 2019 release on Baikal Nomads and it showcases his growth as an artist, as each of the tracks has finetuned production that’s both atmospheric and functional for the dance floor.

First of the three tracks is the building intensity and brooding suspense of “Interval” which has a trippy vibe, then “Instinct” keeps a similar vibe, but focuses on a lurching bassline and psychedelic vocal phrases. “Iridescent” brings proceedings to a close with its gliding synth line, stuttering vocals and lush textures.

Out now, you can purchase the EP from HERE