After releasing his last EP on Sapiens as part of Agoria’s successful REGENERATION DAY in May 2020, Mooglie is now back with another stunning four-tracker entitled ‘Aaliyah’. That last effort, The ‘Prelude’ EP, amassed more than a million streams on Spotify and was even supported by Austin Kramer who pitched him as the cover of the ‘Friday Cratediggers’ playlist.

Mooglie is a Parisian electronic music composer who draws on jazz, pop-rock, new wave and Italo disco. He is a formally trained guitarist and bassist with a real musical diversity. He manages to combine the organic with the synthetic in hugely emotional ways and does that once again here.

Opener ‘Aaliyah’ is a scintillating track with melodies that soar to the heavens while sleek drums make for a slick groove down low. It’s an all consuming track that sweeps you off your feet and ‘Illusion Of Us’ then offers a more stripped back but just as emotional resonant vibe. The bass strokes are broad and melancholic, and the pained vocals up top have a nagging sense of loss that really stays with you.

‘We All Out’ is another stunning track that brings more crystal clear vocals to a taught electronic beat that is awash with deft synths and glowing pads. It’s music that really brims with style and last cut ‘Aludra’ showcases another style, this time with sombre bass and more subtle synths making for an intimate and pensive mood.

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