PREMIERE : Wild Dark – Naked Spirit (original Mix)[NAZCA]

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Nazca Records next release plays with the enigmatic and the mystic.The two brothers form Brooklyn, Corey & Ryan Negrin, share their music under the name Wild Dark, presenting their fifth release with the label, making Pleasure People a reference that describes the fine musical lines that define Nazca Records.The Nazcas and the Viracochas, legendary beings that fuel Nazca Records, have inspired artists all over the world and from very different backgrounds, to make music for the soul and for the dance floor.The Nazcas made the Nazca Lines in Peru the same way Wild Dark takes on contemporary song writing and gives it a unique, thoughtful, modern-take using a wide spectrum of electronic music to tell a story.Pleasure People EP is defined by minimalistic yet energetic drum patterns filled with raw sounds that evoke mystic shapes. The track that holds the EPs name has great basses patterns, lush vocal progressions and main room melodic leads, while Naked Spirit has driving grooves, tight beat loops and inspiring synths that engage with every sound.Join the enigmatic side of the dance floor.

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