PREMIERE : U S H N U – Swallow Fly Far Away (Original Mix)[Infinite Depth]⁣

A year after ‘The First Milestone’ we can say that Infinite Depth reached its second milestone. Around this milestone a 10-track strong VA is compiled. On this VA there are some of the label’s familiar faces like His. Creator, U S H N U, Klankveld, Alberth and Symmetric. Besides, we are having back Convolute, Altman and bastinov from earlier remix duties. Also, Infinite Depth is welcoming two new talents, Final Request and Dario Gismondi.⁣

After the dancefloor orientated third track, it’s time for the minimalistic approach of U S H N U. In his track ‘Swallow Fly Far Away’, the drums and percussion are flowing their way through the track. Around this some unexpected and interesting one-shot elements are constructed. Not to forget his self-recorded vocals.⁣⁣⁣

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