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PREMIERE : Soovary – A Million Days Ahead (Original Mix) [Empore]

The first release of 2021 on Empore comes from the talented artist Soovary, which starts this years catalogue with a bang. Three astonishing tracks that show, how versatile the artist’s approach to music really is. The title track “A Million Days Ahead” is a deep melodic 6-minute journey consisting of powerful drum elements and hypnotising pads. The following track “Milbert” steps it up a notch when it comes to drive. While the opening track shines through its patient approach, “Milbert” breaks out with a lead synth which brings an almost italo disco-y vibe to the table. Absolute peaktime alert!

Closing of the EP is the track “Avoidance”. You can hear a more twisted and breakbeat inspired structure combined with Soovary’s signature feeling for harmony, showing off his skills as a producer once again. A strong debut by the South-Germany based artist Soovary.

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