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An undoubted talent, Rudy’s “Time/Spirit” EP was a significant high-point in the Proton Music 2018 schedule. As the UK producer now returns to the label, a brand new three-track offering finds “All Things Fade”.

An artist with a select but growing portfolio, Rudy’s artistic talent continues to flourish with each passing release. Making his debut on Subjekt Recordings in May 2016 with the “Transformation” EP and remixes from Martin Roth and Kris Davis, Rudy went on to see his music find a home on the likes of Oleeva Records with the beautiful “Qualia” and Nie Wieder Schlafen with a stunning remix of Quatri’s “Ozora”.

Making his Proton Music debut in December 2017 with a standout remix of David Calo’s “Chronomatic”, Rudy quickly saw his “Time/Spirit” EP released in early 2018. Remix editions on both Particles and Proton saw new interpretations from Daraspa, Pysh and Mio and His Flute in the summer, while blue-chip reworkings from GMJ and Matter and Andrea Cassino for the flagship imprint, ended 2018 on a high.

As we now continue his story, Rudy returns with the masterful, “All Things Fade”. The title track thus oozes quality as a plucked motif opens proceedings backed by a subtle shaker percussion section. Building delicately, new motifs emerge full of poise and melancholic air while a shuffling acoustic drum groove adds an organic touch.

“Real You” continues with a metronomic percussive groove that combines 4/4 beat with a combination of hats and shakers. Building throughout, a sumptuous melodic phrase built around reverb-laden piano enters the mid-range gradually increasing in intensity and complexity with the inclusion of occasional notes and reverse-reverb. As the beats ebb away at the breakdown, the central melody continues in stark isolation before a glorious growling bassline adds intensity and drama to the second half to create a stunning track.

The third piece sees “Reinvention” full of the melodic prowess so central to the EP as rhythmic phrases lock tightly against the groove and familiar piano refrains make their presence felt. Increasing in intensity, a stunning analogue bassline redolent in Moog prowess, powers its way through the track to create a rasping, rough-edged character that juxtaposes against the softer melodic elements. Pausing at the mid-point breakdown, the track erupts in the third movement again with bassline and a collage of melodic phrasing creating a rich and spine-tingling sonic palette.

As Rudy returns to Proton Music, it will be some considerable time before “All Things Fade”.