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PREMIERE : Roi Okev – Dreams (Original Mix) [RML]
Release date : 2020-11-13

The label will launch in October, after 2 years as an event brand. On this occasion, RADI MIRA I LUBVI will host a soft launch party, which will take place on October 16 at Community Moscow, featuring four artists from the release and a special surprise.
In keeping with tradition, the team will go above and beyond, label friends will help create the RML fantasy universe at the party . The lighting of the main stage will be conjured up by LUCH, the courtyard will become a performance point for street artists Dufon and Bla85, and an audiovisual installation from the Artnovi team will come to life in one of the rooms.
In the additional location, a charity flea market will be organized – but not the standard one. Everyone will be able to bring with them a once favorite thing, feelings for which have already cooled down, and attach it to the walls of the room in exchange for a RML gift. The collected patchwork will be recycled into an art installation. In addition, the flea market will have several stands with things for sale. All funds will go
to “Дети.pro“- a charity project to support children in need.
A few words from Egor Kandyurin (Creator of the RML brand)…
“…Our philosophy is quite simple and fits into three words understandable to everyone. FOR PEACE AND LOVE. This is our prime meridian, the line from which every new plot of ours begins. The denominator to which we strive to bring everything in the end. Like our entire project, the label is about uniting.
We have created a story and we have a lot to tell musically, without striving to fit any formats. We hope that we will succeed in this – to go beyond and do something new and interesting. Talking about plans today is to make God laugh like never before, but we still keep in mind the showcase tour, and something big this summer. Also, we already have a pleasant release schedule and interesting material for the label. And, of course, the label will continue to give back to the community; 10% of the profits will be sent to buy essentials for our partner social organizations. I think in the future we will be making charitable releases, all profits from which will be spent on supporting those in need!”
RADI MIRA I LUBVI is a young creative association from Russia from the founders of Community Moscow. It brings together artists, musicians and people whose life principles are united by the slogan “For Peace and Love Sake”. Emerging in February 2019 and hosting 10 major events – including an interactive festival in the Pharmaceutical Garden, an electronic stage at a city festival in Kazan, organization of a Moscow showcase for the legendary ALL DAY I DREAM brand, a sub-event at the Signal festival of music and architecture. RADI MIRA I LUBVI brought a number of world-famous artists to Russia: Jan Blomqvist, Stavroz, Viken Arman, YokoO, Birds of Mind, Nico Stojan, Parallells , BONDI, Bora Uzer, Kerala Dust, Sam Shure, Serge Devant, KMLN, Anastacia, Bloem, Feathered Sun, The Sorry Entertainer, Audiofly.
The team is actively involved in a number of charitable projects, both regular and one-off. RADI MIRA I LUBVI created a social store with the concept of “one for one” (buying a thing for oneself, the second one is sent to those in need). At the festival in the Pharmaceutical Garden, a charity auction was held where it was possible to purchase works by young artists, assembled a huge patchwork stage with H&M from items for recycling, participated in a charity flea market for the House with Mayak and in the Moscow marathon in support of Sofia Domik.

Early feedback & Support by; Armen Miran, Blond:ish, BOg, Philipp Straub, Makossa, Sabo, Rey & Kjavic, Wild Dark, Umami, Rammo, Zone+…

1. Zakir – Butterfly of ove
2. Raw Main – Once Upon A Time
3. Atalkingdrum – Colossal Heritage
4. Roi Okev – Dreams
5. MOS – Calella
6. Bora Uzer – Radi Mira
7. Hedonism – Lotus
8. Holed Coin – Russian Love
9. Doyeq – One by One
10. Veronika Fleyta – Me & My Cat

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