The space track Quadrennium by Nikola Melnikov and Max Sorokin charmed not only the audience, but also our friendly musicians. Enveloping melodies in subtle matter from the first minutes, the composition draws the image of an alien utopia. The remixes of the track are a collective fantasy of six artists about other worlds approaching us along musical waves. Flirting with the ideas of Nikola and Max, the musicians work their way through the event horizon, striving for the unique sound of each of the Quadrennium satellite tracks. 6 artists – 6 inventions for interplanetary travel through musical teleportation. Earth receives signals from ships:

Fake mood
Thommie g

The message, encrypted in the remix, conveys the main concepts for earthly philosophy – everything that we have created and are being created by us lives RADI MIRA I LUBVI.

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