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PREMIERE : Naeiiv – Voue (Original Mix)]Infinite Depth]

The German Naeiiv is the one who provided the 25th EP of the label. He created two rhythmical and moreover fresh tracks, which are very interesting and renewing. The title track of the EP is called ‘Vault’ and the second track, ‘Voue’, got a sensational breakbeat remix by another German talent, called Vintash.

‘Vault’ is truly one of a kind. A ‘perfect chaos’ could be seen as the theme of the track. It starts off with a firm kick and some unexpected drums, which are complemented by other impressive individual elements. During the track a harsh synth is emerging, but gets broken down by peaceful breaks. This combination creates a suitable contrast. After the second break a sophisticated constructed climax got reached, bringing you into ecstasy.

‘Voue’ is the more melodic one of the two originals, but also here Naeiiv managed to implement interesting and unexpected drums and percussion. A constant flow of pads is directing you through the track, accompanied by lovely chords. At some points even more compelling synths are taking over. This all together contributes to two hopeful and remarkable peaks.

Vintash took some of the drum elements, as well as some chord and melodic elements, and used them in a completely different way. The breakbeat-way. This remix is a sensational journey with fierce, but superbly timed, drums and percussion all over the place. Also forming a perfect chaos. The middle part brings back the vibe of the original and afterwards a break to cool down comes in. In the final part an ongoing increase makes sure this remix will be an unforgettable audial experience and forms a great end to this fresh and memorable EP.

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