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PREMIERE : MUUI – Emulation Orbit (Live Mix)[Here Now]

No Man Is An Island – The forthcoming Album from MUUI. 40 + tracks of timeless electronic music.
A reality unfolding upon itself, a reality we are consistently creating and affecting everyone around us with. Generate debate in your thoughts. No Man Is An Island! On what is MUUI’s seventh album on his Here Now imprint, following on in the same vein as his 2020 long format album ‘Your Revised Reality’ – spanning more than forty tracks, MUUI shares a reflective stream of conciseness embodying the emotive moods of the deeply human experience of becoming, growing, dissolving, transforming and the encapsulating awareness of our interconnection.

Born from his Inherent experimenting and engaging with analogue machines – the album is derived from live hardware recordings during 2021 – documenting an echo chamber of experiences – carving out a captivating work of art, joining the dots of inspiration between light and dark from emotive atmospheric immersion to soul searching abstraction and club-focused tracks – all crafted with his unique approach to electronic music.

Selected singles from the album will be released over 2021 prior to official release end of the year.
Early access to the full album release will be exclusively on Bandcamp.
The BC release will include an exclusive recording of selected tracks from the album pieced together and performed live.

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