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Kate Elsworth & Nicolas Blistene aka LUNAR DISCO has been gently percolating on the stove for quite some time. They’ve come back with a refreshed version of both their musical and stage performances, introducing their new project / label “SUCK MY DISCO”, a series of 10 singles including remixes each time. A deep and cosmic sound brushed with some pop & disco flavor, a crossover between radio music and dance floor bombs. Click “Watch” to discover their very special interview for SMD News … Enjoy ! Xx

And there you have it: the hot pink-hued Lunar Disco has now entered the building…”

Episode I: Lunar Disco – “It’s About Time” including remix of Los Angeles based producer Ali Farahani.

BUY : https://www.beatport.com/release/its-about-time-ep/3500247

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