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PREMIERE : Los Suruba – En Las Dalias (Thimble Remix)

We haven’t had enough of our Las Dalias trip during the 019 release of Nazca Records. That is why Los Suruba has chosen a unique artist and friend to revive the most authentic Ibiza experience.Prepare to dance as Thimble bring to you incredible spin-off of Los Suruba’s Las Dalias homage.Nazca Records is a label that not only promotes new and upcoming artists, it also invests time and energy in seeing them evolve. For the 6th time on this imprint Thimble presents the progression of his sound, representing so well the Nazca futuristic vibe.The presence of our intriguing characters, the Nazcas and the Viracochas, has enriched all Nazca Records´ releases so far and, its not different with Thimble´s 6th release. The perfect symbiosis between the Viracochas ´future origins and the Nazca´s embedded love for art is perfectly reflected in this release.

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