Mirror for the Sun is a 14-track cycle of tempos, moods, and hums exploring different facets of a softly solar energy. The compilation departs from the Souq’s signature sound, infusing it with a rotation of new elements. Niki Sadeki’s curation brings more of an uncanny Berlin-style voltage to the label’s earthy tradition, shaped by her own learned perception of deep house. The result is a cosmic and crunchy experimental blend, with mingling moments of downbeat drama and upbeat glow.
When seen through a mirror, the sun’s light only reflects fragments of a fuller picture. Mirror for the Sun echoes this sentiment. Each track contributes an angle to an overall picture of sentience and connection. The 19 featured artists include returners like Zuma Dionys and MoM, and newcomers like Madmotormiquel, Geju, Landhouse Krink and Niju.
We couldn’t think of a more suited selector than Vancouver based Niki Sadeki, whose vision has refracted across an impressive stream of radio shows, guest mixes, and podcasts over the years. Niki’s ability to musically embark a living-room or a car ride as much as she can a dance-floor is a quality we prize right now more than ever.
This compilation will return annually to Souq, shedding its skin and renewing itself along the way.
Souq Records have built their identity in inviting listeners to travel across cultures, instruments and influences. This time around, the experience is more of a mind trip than a geographical one – we hope you enjoy this new phase just as much.

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