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PREMIERE : Klankveld – Habit (Original Mix)[Infinite Depth]⠀ ⠀

After the first V.A. of the label it’s time for another regular EP. This time the Berlin based duo Klankveld provides two originals, of which ‘Evolve’ the title track. Both originals are impactful vocal tracks, which are a little bit less dark as usual, but still the tracks are perfectly fitting into the sound of the label. The second track, called ‘Habit’, got a great remix by the very talented Yuven.⠀ The title track ‘Evolve’ starts off already very strong. From the first minute a catchy and danceable melody strikes the ear after which it moves over to the first vocal part. Where the vocal is soft and emotional, the musical parts are high energetic and right into the face. This together makes it a interesting and well balanced whole.⠀ The second track, ‘Habit’, brings the tension and the danceability a little bit higher. Through the composition they managed to create some effective unexpected moments in which the impressive vocal plays a big part. This all reaches the pinnacle at the final part of the track. ⠀ In his remix Yuven took the vocal of the original and gave a deeper and more compelling fundament. On this fundament the vocal flows gently through the track, when suddenly the this gentle wave got broken down by a powerful and slightly aggressive moment. After this the vocal comes back in again, which brings the EP to a beautiful end.⠀ ⠀

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