PREMIERE : Kashovski – Black Wood (Original Mix)[Recovery Collective]

Playful, energetic and all about good vibrations are just a few ways to describe this latest EP delivered all the way from Paris, France; Kashovski’s debut release ‘Code K’.

Welcoming new artists into our ranks is always an exciting experience for us as we get to uncover new creative processes, rhythms and textures that artists put forth. This Kashovski EP is no exception. You are instantly in the mood to move your body as the grooves implemented across the release are triumphantly captivating.

Both records were put together during the tough time that was 2020, drawing from multiple emotions of the artist. Code K was an ode to the party environment we all dearly missed, with Black Wood being the flip side – an intense environment and energy he was dealing with during the lockdown. Both fusing a combination of middle eastern elements and sexy percussion to transport you instantly to that day time outdoor festival nostalgia.

Also included is one of our label favourites, Gabriel Moraes! He’s back. This time lending his incredible talent to a rework of the title track Code K. From the moment you press play you can see why this man is highly regarded across the globe as a rising star, the sheer quality of the composition across the board ticks so many boxes, his ability to take the original and create his own driving, progressive techno piece gets those feet moving.

Welcome to the family Kashovski!

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