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PREMIERE : Jay (SL) – Trapped Inside The Reality (Original Mix) [IDYLLIK RECORDS]

We are elated to present our first compilation album to the world; bringing you a mix of astonishing artists from around the world. We’ve been inspired by global events to think outside the box and imagine ourselves in a context that is bigger than the cities and countries we live in. Visualizing humanity from the perspective of living universal beings, pushes us outside any realm of thinking we’ve ever had and allows us to break open the boundaries we have been required to live with.

A quasar is an extraordinarily luminous, distant object in space that is powered by a black hole and is a billion times more massive than our sun. We imagine a quasar as a bright, powerful gravitational force that pulls you in with its incredible strength, energy and beauty. With this journey, we want to take you deep into the Universe using multidimensions of music.

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