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PREMIERE : Hovr Feat. Marammm – Noory (Original Mix)[Souq Records]

Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future. We humans have found nifty ways to define and help us understand it. Yet everyone’s perception of this strange thing is unique.
Time dissolves into oblivion, if someone pushes “play” on the right track at the right place and time. Well, not too long ago the universe pushed a monumental pause button causing time and with it life on earth to freeze – but: our hearts never did.

We kept them in a safe place. And now a new summer is here, one that invites the dancing feet back to the places we hold so dearly.

“A Mirror For The Sun” is a compilation of pieces, which strive for no less than be the soundtrack that awakens our spirits, now that the big play button has finally been pushed.

The 2nd Volume of ‘A Mirror For the Sun’ is here, compiled by Niki Sadeki, featuring 27 artists and 15 songs.

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